Body tracking Help

Hi everyone :),

I actually have an ORBBEC Astra, and I would like to save the coordinates of each joint for each frame in a csv file. But I met some problems :smile: :

1) I tried to create a new sample, following the “README” instructions of OBT, but, as I launch the “build.bat” file, a cmd window opens and closes at least immediately. Then, I can’t see the <OBT_ROOT>/samples/build/ folder that should get created, as they say in the instructions

2) Once the first problem will be solved, How could I get all the joints information ? I’m a total begginer, and I can’t find any tutorial showing how to perform this. I went on the OBT index.html, but all I found is functions, but no instructions to how to use it.

Thank you very much for your help, sorry if my questions seem stupid but as i’m a begginer you will forgive me :blush: