Bodytracking with Astra Pro and Field of View

Hi Team from Orbbec,

i tested the bodytracking with the Astra Pro.
It works fast but a bit shaky sometimes.

The main problem is the narrow field of view.
I had to be up to 2 meters away to have my body in full view.

Are there any plans for new hardware or so to get a wider field of view like the kinect.
May with another cam or with other lenses.

greetings Frank Schmidt

Have been doing a lot of testing as well - this is what we know.

In the built in samples the depth camera is setup to run at 320x240 - which yes seems to result in an amount of jittering out of the box - and there does not seem to be any dampening parameters coded into the framework.

Dampening is fairly easy - basically - instead of directly using the body data - Im passing it thru a threshold function that compares the current position to the previous position - and only updates the positioning if the movement exceeds those thresholds.

Further, changing the depth to 640x480 also produces a much more stable result - but may need more cpu grunt to keep frame rates coming.