Bug with multiple camera support?

Hi all, I have a few issues related to using multiple cameras in the same space:

  1. I implemented controlling the laser via USB, but when I did, I noticed that when I sent a command to turn it off, it would switch off for a moment or two, and then just turn back on. I looked at the multi camera example and it does the same thing. As far as I can tell, there’s no way to actually turn the laser off and have it stay off (and on that same note, I noticed after controlling it, sometimes it stays on, even when I close the camera).

  2. On a broader topic, I’m not clear how enabling/disabling the laser would actually help get multi camera imaging. Everything needs to be able to see the pattern being produced by whatever sensor has the laser enabled, but if that sensor could see everything, you wouldn’t need the other sensors. The way it’s currently working, I will always have sensors missing information (and generally, the very information they’re supposed to be capturing) because various parts of the scene are being occluded from the sensor with the enabled laser.

Currently, I’ve found it’s more useful to keep all the lasers on and accept the noise that appears, but this is far from ideal. So my question on this topic – am I misunderstanding how this is supposed to work? If not, what are the odds of getting things to work like the kinect, where each camera has its own IR pattern and multiple cameras can sit in a space together?

Thanks a lot for your comments. It can be very usefully to our users working on certain solutions.

Regarding your question 1. Would you please also turn off the LDP via API? LDP is the proximity sensor that will turn off the laser automatically when objects come close.

Best wishes,