C++ API for Hand Pose in Astra SDK

I know that there is a sample for c-language about how to detect hand pose.

But I want to implement the same in c++ to get the ‘grip’ and ‘open’.

This is the section that I want to use in my code that I got from ‘body.hpp’.

enum class HandPose : ::astra_handpose_t
/*! Hand pose is not known or unrecognized /
Unknown = 0,
! Grip pose */
Grip = 1,

class HandPoseInfo : private ::astra_handpose_info_t
    using ::astra_handpose_info_t::leftHand;
    using ::astra_handpose_info_t::rightHand;
    HandPose left_hand()  const { return static_cast<HandPose>(this->leftHand); }
    HandPose right_hand() const { return static_cast<HandPose>(this->rightHand); }

    friend class Body;


But how to use that. I know that there is no example or proper SDK API information.

I want to know the exact way so that I can get hand pose info.

I have tried several ways but no result.

Is it the BodyFrame, Body, Frame, or HandFrame?

Which one is the respective one, which I should be working on?


Sorry for the silly question, but I solved the issue.

this is how I did.

const auto& handPoses = body.hand_poses();

const auto& leftHandPose = handPoses.left_hand();
const auto& rightHandPose = handPoses.right_hand();