C# or C++: The best language to develop with?

Hi there,
I’m a developer and I’ve reached a fork in the path of my learning.
In terms of ease of use and quantity of support, is c# or c++ better to develop with?
Dr Will Seymour

It really depends a lot on what you plan on delivering.
The windows development environment for C# (GUI/Framework) is much easier to work with.
BUT the performance you get in terms of processing power in c++ can never really be outweighed if you are needing to do lots of math or processing on the data you are working with.

Thank you so much for your reply.
OK this is what I thought - I’ve been learning C++ for a while now and getting somewhere, but it is expansive!

I wonder if you have any resources for learning more C++ in this specific area (depth cameras etc)?

Also, is there really much benefit to using Visual Studio in Windows vs writing C++ in Mac?

Thank you.
Dr Seymour

There is frustratingly not a great deal of books on the depth subject … I guess it really depends on what you plan on developing .

The sensor is only one small part of the systems we are developing … 3d and 2d graphics systems are a place to start … opengl , directx, And possibly a gaming engine or framework. Along with image processing systems such as openCV.


C++ is definitely more powerful than c#, but it is also a lot more difficult to grasp than c#. In my experience, unless you’re really good at c++, you might end expending a lot of time fixing bugs instead of progressing in your project.

Also, some of the newest additions to c#, like Span allow to do in c# a lot of the performance tricks you usually do in c++ … so, unless you’re going to do some sort of incredibly advanced stuff, maybe c# is good enough.