C# orbbec frameReady event not working

I’m trying to develop a softwaare to extract and elaborate the data from the orbbec sensor.
Our current software is working with the kinect 2 sensor, and we want to migrate to the orbbec.

We are working with .net/c#. I’m using the reference for the astra.dll and astra_core.dll.
I have setting up my project like this one

but the frameReady event is not working.

The only way for me is to have a backgound thread that call the TryOpenFrame method.
Did someone else had this kind of problem?

I would like to know this as well. Anyone know why this doesn’t seem to be working?

I have the same problem.:joy:
Has anyone solved it?

I tried to use Astra.Context.Update(), but it’s not working well.