C# - TryOpenFrame constantly false

class Program

    static void Main(string[] args)
        Program program = new Program();

        StreamSet streamSet =StreamSet.Open();
        StreamReader reader = streamSet.CreateReader();

        ReaderFrame frame;
        while (!reader.TryOpenFrame(10, out frame)) {
            //Console.WriteLine(reader.TryOpenFrame(9, out frame).ToString());

        var depthFrame = frame.GetFrame<DepthFrame>();
        short[] pixelValue = new short[depthFrame.ByteLength]; depthFrame.CopyData(ref pixelValue);

        Console.WriteLine("\n Depth frameIndex " + depthFrame.FrameIndex + " pixelValue: " + pixelValue[0].ToString() + "\n");

        Console.WriteLine("Hit enter to terminate the camera.");

With this Code, i tried to assemble via Getting Started and this Forum, i dont recieve a single frame and i dont know why. Anyone able to help?

I have the same problem, did someone knows how to solve it?