Can Astra Pro be calibrated like Astra S for small distances?

the idea of course is to enjoy both camera capabilities also to switch to 3d scan mode
whenever I need.



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The Astra Pro comes in two models:

  • Astra Pro - 0.4m to 8.0m with an optimized range of 0.4m to 6.0m
  • Astra Pro S - 0.3m to 5.8m witha an optimized range from 0.3m to 3.5m

The Astra Pro / Astra Pro S need to be carefully factory calibrated for each scenario. If you backed us in the Indiegogo and want the Astra Pro S (instead of the Astra Pro) as a perk reward, when the campaign completes you should be able to select the Astra Pro S as an option. If for some reason this isn’t the case, send an email to and we should be able to sort you out directly. Just tell them @gordon sent you.