Can I use Orbbecs SDK in ROS?

Hello All,
I’m trying to develop an application using ‘Astra Pro’. It is evident that we can use OpenNi2 for Astra Pro to develop applications in ROS. But I want to know if we can use Orbbecs SDK for Astra Pro in ROS.

Hope my concern is clear.


I have a related question. I see there is a ROS publisher for the Orbbec camera; that’s great!

But, I want to use the Orbbec SDK Body Tracking features in my ROS robot. I might be able to create a ROS wrapper around the SDK, but I don’t want to re-invent the wheel if Orbbec is already doing this. An example from Orbbec would be great! (for me the hard part is getting Orbbec SDK CMake working correctly in ROS Catkin).

Any help ASAP would be greatly appreciated, even just an example CMakelists.txt that works in Catkin to pull in the headers and libraries from the Astra SDK would be great!

P.S. I am using both Astra and Mini.

A quick update! I got body tracking working in ROS with Astra Pro. Just a rough prototype working today, but when I have a cleaned up module, I’ll post it on github.


Hey Dshinsel,
Could you please put a simple working module of body tracking?

I’m unable to find one.


Done! Shinsel Robots · GitHub

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