Can multiple Astra Pros be used together?


AFAIK, multiple KinectV1s cannot be used together because the speckles can become confusing. But can multiple Astra Pros be used together? Like KinectV1, Astra Pro uses structured light as well.


You can use multiple cameras together, but need to make sure not to overlap their fields of view too much. The structured light, as you pointed out, can cause interference.

But as long as the overlap between cameras is minimal you can use multiple cameras at the same time without issues.

I am working on a project, where I would like to have 4 Persee covering a larger area.
Currently I am testing with two, but I can see that the structured light is interfearing also when the overlap is small. Can they be kind of syncronised, that they are turning on and off their structured light projectors, in order to capture etch camera seperately one after another? Framerate would be kept at 30fps, → each camera gets a timewindow of about 8ms. As Persee just works with OpenNI on ubuntu, is there a chance to make this work?
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