Can NOT start Embedded S and Stereo S by OpenNI2


  I want to use Embedded S or Stereo S as vision sensor for developing some robot arm application.

 I just made a simple C++ program by OpenNI2 and  Visual Studio 2015 64bits for reading depth information from sensors.

 However, I can not read depth information from it.

 The Astra S and Astra can work well by the same program.

When I insert the devices in my PC, it appear “ORBBEC Depth Sensor” and “USB Camera” at the same time . You can see the following picture.

The device still can not be started, even I disabled the “USB Camera”.

I also tested Embedded S and Stereo S by OpenNI Niview, the depth image also strange…, as shown in the following image:

I have no idea about how to start the “embedded S” and “Stereo S” by OpenNI2.

I am looking forward to any suggestions.

Thank you very much

Hi Wangyuqing,

It seems like not the camera start and connecting problem.
You could check the resolution settings of Embedded S and Stereo S.


Hi Wan

  Thank you so much for your suggestion.

  I can start the Depth frame of StereoS by OpenNI2.