Can Orbbec determine finger location on a map?

I want to build a system where the orbbec is looking at a map of, for example, the united states, on the floor, that’s about 2 feet by 3 feet, with a black edge border. I would put a colored thimble on one of my fingers, and then I would place my finger different locations on the map.

Can I determine, using gate Orbbec SDK, the X/Y coordinate of where my finger is placed?

Yes, That’s possible.

Can you point me to some APIs or documentation that discusses this?

If that is the case you may just try to do a very simple color based detection. That would detect the color and you can just find the centroid of the detected location.

another possible case is by using orbbec body tracking and you locate the hand-palm joint. with some real offset you can get the possible finger-tip location.

third case is to use hand-tracking and with that you put some offset to get the finger-tip location.

Hope this helps…