Can you connect two Astra Pros to one computer?

I was looking over the Astra Pro line, and I didn’t see the answer anywhere. Is it possible to connect two Astra Pro Camera’s to one computer, or is there a limitation to only one camera per computer like the Kinect?

You should be able to connect more than 1 Astra Pro to the same computer. There is an example in the Sample code of the API called MultiSensorViewer-SFML that has code for reading a StreamSet from 2 separate sensors.

    astra::StreamSet streamSet1("device/sensor0");
    astra::StreamSet streamSet2("device/sensor1");
    astra::StreamReader reader1 = streamSet1.create_reader();
    astra::StreamReader reader2 = streamSet2.create_reader();

source: Astra SDK 2.1.1 Documentation