Can you provide test data?

Could you be a bit more specific on the achieved accuracy and your test method? So far, I’ve been working with different 3d Camera (Kinect v1, Carmine, Asus, Ensenso), how do you compare with these cameras?
Could you maybe publish some pointclouds? It’s always hard to evaluate the quality of the depth data if it’s only shown from viewing direction from the camera.

“Orbbec 3D cameras offer depth measurement accurate to within 0.5 centimeters at a distance of 2 meters,”
What does that exactly mean? If an object is at a distance of 2m, the camera returns values between 1.995 and 2.005m?

Regarding the accuracy test method, we use high accuracy flat surface to confirm the depth accuracy and use objects with known shape (column, cube, etc) to confirm 3D (X, Y and Z) accuracy.

Regarding to the performance comparison. I think Orbbec Astra is currently one of the best consumer level 3D sensors on the market. Asus, Kinect 1 and Carmine are all based on the vanished PrimeSense technology. (don’t have working experience of Ensenso).

My team is preparing test data to release. Please keep an eye on our posts.

Yes, based on the test data, our best accuracy can reach +/- 0.5cm at about 2m;

Thank you for the information. I’m happy to see a new camera on the market. The vanishing of primesense from one day to the other was quite frustrating.

Thanks for saying so :smile: