Cannot open Astra with Openni2 on windows

While the openni2+astra combination is working effortlessly on linux, i tried installing on various windows machines (win7, win8.1, win10) and never got the NiViewer to work with the camera.

The installer completes correctly and the camera is recognized (windows install the correct drivers when the camera is plugged in the usb port). When i try to open the NiViewer to test the camera, the programm complains that “no camera was found”

All the machines tested had previous installations for the openni2 and xtion cameras and worked as expected.

Any suggestions/hints?



Hi Pashalis,
I have problem installing driver in Windows 10.
Can you help me ?
I will appreciate this.
I need help with my work…could you give help me?

Would you please try the latest driver here: Universal Download Thread for Astra Series Cameras - #5 by kos

We have updated installation guide + testing result on different Windows in the package.

I cant find the installation guides in the zips I downloaded. Could you please share them?

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