Cannot open depth stream: USB Transfer Timeout

The last couple of days, while testing on a different machine than my usual dev box, I’ve run into a USB Transfer Timeout error when trying to open the Astra’s depth feed.

If I try to open the Astra as an OpenNI device, the request to open the device simply hangs my application. Using the 2.0.8beta2 SDK from Orbbec (including running the pre-compiled Simple-Depth-Viewer application from the bin folder) gives me this error:

2018-02-07 10:00:29,916 ERROR [] failed to open device:       Could not open "\\?\usb#vid_2bc5&pid_0401&mi_00#7&cae93f3&0&0000#{c3b5f022-5a42-1980-1909-ea72095601b1}": USB transfer timeout!

So far this has only occurred on one machine, so I’m not hugely worried. But it would be nice to understand what’s going on. This particular Astra is mounted in the ceiling with an active USB extender cable, so my first guess is that the cable may be faulty? But after rebooting the machine the error goes away, and only seems to occur after the program has been running for several hours; eventually the depth stream simply stops delivering any data to my application.

Before I start pulling down ceiling tiles and re-fishing cables through the walls I was hoping to get a second opinion on what might be wrong, since I’m not totally convinced that the cable is the problem. Anyone have any ideas?

Hi chrisib,

We have the same problem. I’ve sent an email to Orbbec because the forum seems a bit abandon.
Did you find out something?


Hi chrisib,

Thanks for your question. For using with an USB extension cable, we suggest to try a cable or hub with external power input. Sometimes, even the manufacturer indicates it is an active cable, it may still not be able to provide a steady power input for the camera’s continuous operation. Please connect the camera directly to the computer or try a different cable to see if it still has the same behavior.