Cannot run helloOrbbec.cpp OrbbecSDK

error list when run debug in console ide

identifier “FrameImpl” is undefined Frame.hpp

my project, properties, one of the additional include directories is
C:\orbbec\OrbbecSDK-1.9.4\include\libobsensor\hpp; where Frame.hpp is

Femto bolt connected easily and all features in orbbecviewer worked fine.

computer windows 11 home x64
vs community 2022 c++
orbbecsdk 1.9.4

I was able to get most of the samples c++ running out of the box by adding
to linker-input C:\orbbec\OrbbecSDK\lib\win_x64\OrbbecSDK.lib
but pointcloud and sensor control gave an error relating to async.hpp.

I am missing something.
Your orbbec viewer runs them.

Can you help ?

You can simply configure the OrbbecSDK project through CMake gui.