Cannot run samples on ubuntu 14.04

Hi @josh, I face the same problem now with Ubuntu 14.04.

Failed to load font "Inconsolata.otf" (failed to create the font face)

This is the complain I get when I command


Can you suggest me any solution?

@faisalbmc Copy Inconsolata.otf from the samples/vendor folder: astra/samples/vendor at master · orbbec/astra · GitHub to your bin folder, or wherever your executables are now. Failing to load the the font won’t affect the functionality of the app, but there won’t be any text overlay. Once you copy the file it should work.

@josh Thanks for your quick response.

It does work now after I put the Inconsolata.otf file in the bin folder. Now the problem is for some reason the none of the binaries are showing anything at all. It’s all black.

A couple of month ago, I build it when I had gcc 4.8.4. It had problems with compiling as apparently gcc 4.8.4 supports only c++11 and c++11 doesn’t support make_unique function(probably used for some unit test).

Nonetheless, a friend mine did some hacks so that the make_unique function doesn’t cause any problem. Back then, I managed to run all the binaries and also managed to extract depth and infrared frames. But I had one issue, there was segmentation fault if I tried to stop the camera and restart it programmatically.

I could not find any solution to the seg fault, but I had the hunch that the hack my friend did was causing this. So I decided to upgrade gcc to 4.9.4 and see if I can build the Astra SDK from the original code without any having to do any hack on it.

Now, after up grading to gcc-4.9.4, building has been successful, without any previous error, but this time none of the binaries are working, nor my application can extract any depth or infrared frames.

Could you please guide me to a solution?

I split this thread into a separate topic.

Can you please post your console log when you run one of the samples?