Change Android OS to Windows 10/8/7

My device: Tvico Orbbec Persee
Model Num: V1-PERSEE-RK3288-US-V028
I do create this topic in order to know if is it possible to install Windows on my device(details on the top).

I want to use this device as a standalone PC because of compatibility of some apps we work with, like NuiTrack and our own configuration (i dont know much more about it, because i am not the developer); it has Android OS installed.

The thing is i tried to do the steps on this topic Orbbec Persee to install Ubuntu with no success. And i think it has to be a way to install Windows OS. I searched a lot and i cant find the way.

If someone could help me with this i ll be so greatful.

(Sorry about my english use if i am not correct), and sorry me if i put the Topic in wrong forum.

Thank you all for read it!

I add one note:

I tried to enter Loader Mode by pressing Reset button and connecting (via MicroUSB to USB) but it didnt change the ‘found one ADB device’

I will try this too, lets check if this works for me. Unpack/Packing Rockchip Firmware — Firefly Wiki

I don’t think this is possible at this moment. The specs on the Persee specifically say Android 4.4+ and Ubuntu 14.04+ , so if its possible its not something supported by Orbbec.
Can you tell me what issues you ran into when installing ubuntu? I am going to try this myself and would like some input on what difficulties I might encounter. Thanks.


My problem was i skipped the RK Drivers Installation. Once installed, i was able to put the board on Loader Mode and i finally installed or flashed or whatever is called the Ubutntu.

I am not working on the weekend so i will Post new incidents or doubts i have on the next days.

Thank you so much tho @emaccheese

Were you able to install windows on the Persee?