Changelog clarification 2.0.14

The update change log states, that there is now a optimization level that can be configured

Add Skeleton Optimization level APIs

It does not say (as far as i can tell) if this optimization is supposed to be an improvement or just a possibility to “downgrade” the quality. Because i think what happens is that in older versions the highest optimization level was the default. Is this the case?

Another statement that was made is this:

SkeletonProfile.UpperBody is now available

I have tested this Profile and it works pretty good. No legs anymore, but what i want to know is if the library is still searching for those legs in the images and then just removes them from the joints-array after they were searched in the image. I havent checked possible improvements to the performance with a profiler yet but my guess would be that the joints just get filtered after the scanning process. Anyone who knows something about these issues?

Kind regards from germany