Color Stream with OpenNI2


I have a Orbbec Astra, I can obtain depth, IR frames simultaneously using OpenNI2 and when I try to grab the Color frame with above said frames it will not work. But If I get only the Color Frame it works.

Can’t I obtain all three frames simultaneously using OpenNI2?

Please advice.


Hi Johan,

Thanks for your question. The IR and color frames cannot be accessed at the same time.

Hi Jackson,

Thank you. Yes I worked it out.
Best regards

Hi johanromuald,

I have the same question to get IR and color frames at the same time. How do you solve it?

I am using python with openni2 for Orbbec Astra Stereo S USB 3.0 and it looks like there is no support of Color/RGB Stream.

I can successfully capture and process depth and infrared streams with the same camera.

dev.has_sensor(openni2.SENSOR_COLOR) returns “False”.
While dev.has_sensor(openni2.SENSOR_DEPTH) and dev.has_sensor(openni2.SENSOR_IR) return True.

depth_stream.start() generates ‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘start’ error.

Even if I don’t use depth and ir streams, still it generates these errors/messages. What is the problem?

OpenNI does not support RGB stream. You have to use OpenCV to use RGB stream.