Compiling from helloworld.txt Astra SDK

I am trying to compile the basic helloworld.txt code from Astra SDK.
So, far I only use astra::initialze and astra::terminate.
I have added the include paths
When i build it in codeblocks, i get the following error in astra_core.hpp:
In function ‘astra::initialize()’
Undefined reference to ‘astra_initialize’
In function ‘astra::terminate()’
Undefined reference to ‘astra_terminate’

Why is this happening.


This is happening to other functions too.
I have included the path:
containing the folders astra, astra_core, common to the search directories in the build options as a relative path, so i don’t have to add the .cpp and .hpp files indivdually.

Is there something else to be added?

Anyone looked into this?

Have you added the dependencies? You need to include the library files.