Connecting Femto Bolt with USB extension

Hi!!! We are currently trying to use the Femto Bolt to record some human interactions for offline tracking later. However, we have been having issues with the host computer recognising the camera at times. Often times, we had to do some troubleshooting such as restarting the host computer or trying out different USB 3.0 ports or reupdating the firmware again before it can work. However, the next time we needed to connect Femto Bolt, the same issue will occur and we need to repeat the above again. I can confirm that the Femto Bolt is plugged into a USB 3.0 port and the USB extension also supports USB 3.0. Unfortunately, the USB cable provided by Orbbec is a little short for us and we really need the extra length for our setup to work.

  1. Could I check if the Femto Bolt is able to work with USB hubs or USB extensions?

  2. Is there anywhere we can get a longer cable if the above is no since the one end of the connection seems to be a serial port? Does the cable have to come from Orbbec?

Thank you

The use of this usb extension cable with a built-in usb signal amplifier is highly recommended for supporting long distance transmission.

Hi, so our USB extension already has a built-in signal amplifier and is a USB 3.2 Gen 1 cable but back compatible. It supports data transfer speeds of up to 5 GB/s. In consideration of that, could I confirm that the issue that I am experiencing with the computer not detecting the Femto Bolt is probably due to something else besides the use of a USB extension?

To clarify, are you using the power adapter came with the package?
While using a USB-A to USB-C cable, the power adapter is required to power up the camera. Powering the Device

Hi yes, the camera is always plugged in and powered with the power adaptor in the package