Could not open "2bc5/0403@1/3": Failed to open the USB device!


I have flashed my Persee to Ubuntu 16.04. I copied the files from SDK - “OpenNI_2.3.0.43\Linux\OpenNI-Linux-Arm-2.3\OpenNI-Linux-Arm-2.3\Tools” to Persee. When run NiViewer, I get this error on the console. Any help would be appreciated.


ubuntu@linux:~/codes/Tools$ ./NiViewer
openDevice failed:
Could not open “2bc5/0403@1/3”: Failed to open the USB device!

Press any key to continue . . .

hi, did you find any solution?

You need to login as root user and then run your application.

thanks, it works.
BTW, is there anyway to run without root account?

This is an old thread but maybe it can be useful for someone else. I had this same problem and was because insufficient power to the camera. The Astra Pro was connected to a powered USB hub but it seems it was not enough. Then, I connected directly to my Orange Pi with a heavy duty power supply (5V/8A!) and no more problems.

Hi Orbbec community, I’m exhuming this thread because I need support with this issue.

I’m using a Parsee+ with Ubuntu 18.04 OS, I’m trying to start the Astra SDK sample “SimpleBodyViewer-SMFL” unsuccesfully because receive this error.

My device is not supplied by the USB cable, but by the alternating current transformer supplied in the package.

I already installed the orbbec-usb rules and configured my .bashrc with ASTRA_SDK_INCLUDE and ASTRA_SDK_LIB environment variables (tested OK with echo).

I downloaded the SDK from Orbbec website and included the license key in the main before compile, and this passage is tested ok too, because the system does not report the license key error.

Looking around on the web some guy solved moving to OpenNI2 from OpenNi, but I checked and OpenNI2 library is already included in the Astra SDK package.

Finally I can report that the Examples in Orbbec SDK still work correctly. Can someone please help me to understand why it does not work and fix it?

Many thanks in advance!

Astra SDK doesn’t support Persee+ cause it assembled with new Astra+ camera. You could download Orbbec SDK to test with Persee+.

Hi Nathan, thank you very much for your answer.

Do you know if there is any SDK, produced by Orbbec, that supports the development of algorithms for body segmentation and tracking using Persee+ Camera in substitution of Astra SDK?

Actually in Orbbec Website products page the Orbbec SDK is the only SDK supported for Persee+ Camera but they still promote it as “ready for projects in fitness, people counting and fall detection” as it could support body analysis feats. Further in Persee description they enlist Astra SDK as supported SDK, is it possible that they changed camera between the two models and for this reason the Persee+ no longer support the Astra SDK? It would be a wierd downgrade for the new model of the product.