D2C in Femto Bolt

Hello, I am using Femto Bolt and SDK 1.9.5.

Does Femto Bolt support ALIGN_D2C_HW_MODE ?
It looks No.

Using SW_MODE, It runs fine.
My main question is, the aligned ColorFrame/DepthFrame captured by Pipeline->colorFrame()/depthFrame() are undistorted or not?
If not undistorted, can any APIs provide aligned and undistorted color/depth frames ?

No, Femto Bolt doesn’t support ALIGN_D2C_HW_MODE.
You can check the D2C options within orbbec viewer or test with Sample-SyncAlignViewer example.

When the D2C is on, the DepthFrame is aligned with ColorFrame. You can try to modify Sample-SyncAlignViewer to export the ColorFrame and DepthFrame while D2C is on to verify that.

Hi Bruce, thanks for you reply.
How about undistortion ?
Does the alignment include correcting distortion with the OBCameraDistortion parameters ?

When the D2C is on, the depth frames are undistorted. If you would like to check on the parameters, you can get the camera parameters while turning on point cloud while using Orbbec Viewer.

Thanks. My understanding is as follows. please let me know if wrong.

If we use D2C,

  • Depth frames and color frames are undistorted.
  • Color and depth are matched pixel-by-pixel.
  • ob::Pipeline::getCameraParam() returns
    intrinsic parameters after D2C,
    and distortion parameters before D2C (don’t care).

Yes, that’s correct.
Make sure you turn on the corresponding stream to obtain the camera parameters.

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