Depth in Astra Plus

I took Depth of the Orbbec Astra Plus camera and converted it into to Cloud(PCL), it seems that the cloud stays in a layer format that is when i place the camera against a planar wall of about 2 meter, there are point in 2012,2000,1988, etc and there are no points in intermediate layers.

i will also add a sample image of that cloud.

I want to make sure that, this is what we get from orbbec or it me who is processing it in the wrong way.

What other objects do you have between the camera and the wall? If there are no objects there can you expect anything other than the wall distance?

i am trying to get the distance between the wall and camera, sometime i might place some other objects, but my question is, i am getting cloud whose points are positions at particular layers such
2.012 meter has 200 points, then the depth jumps to 2.026 meter which has some points and there are no points between this 2.012 and 2.026.
Is this what orbbec gives us?