Developing in for Persee


Im an artist and normally I develop my interactive installations on processing in Windows. My technical knowledge is not very advanced. I purchased an Orbbec persee, and I have it with the default Android setup.

I would like to develop applications for Persee in Processing. What would be the most effective configuration to do it so? Would it be possible to develop the applications directly on Processing IDE running on Persee?

I would really appreciate instructions (as detailed and easy as possible) to setup this environment. I promise to share my creative applications as soon as I’m able to put myself hands on. Looking forward for it.

Thank you so much

You could probably use Processing by installing Ubuntu on it, and then an ARM Linux Processing version. The problem would be finding Processing libraries for ARM Linux with Orbbec camera support…

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thank you for your response. Does anyone developed for processing in Persee can give me an answer to that? Is there anyway I can do?

I have Android on mine so I can’t easily check. I imagine you’d need to flash the latest possible Ubuntu image (16 I think?), then run a compatible Processing ARM version and do some test sketches. Then you’d need to investigate library support to access the depth camera, which is going to be the hard part. I don’t think there’s an ARM version of the classic Processing Kinect/clone libraries, like SimpleOpenNI. I suspect using openFrameworks instead may require less DIY–although you may need a specific older version (0.8 maybe?) to match ARM Ubuntu 16.