Diagonal ridge in point cloud

Both my Orbbec Astra and Persee have a bug where there are two diagonal stripes of uniform depth in the lower right corner of the depth image, which results in a kind of “ridge” in the point cloud (see the lower left corner of the images below). The Xtion doesn’t have this problem. Does anyone have a solution for this?


hey @mintar , I think we have the same problem.
Just to confirm, does the position of the ridge changes according to your pitch angle?
Unfortunately, we do not have a solution.

Hi @procopiostein, I’ve just played around with it a bit more. It seems like all points with z values between about 1.29 and 1.34 meters get discretized to those two values.

We have a same issue. Though we get a horizontal band of bad values

As I wrote above: since I posted the first message in this topic, I have discovered that it’s not important whether the ridge is diagonal or not; all points between 1.29 and 1.34 meters get rounded to those values. When scanning a planar surface, this results in a ridge. If there is camera roll wrt. the horizontal surface, the ridge is diagonal in the depth image. If there is no roll, the ridge is horizontal.

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HI, @mintar, any updates on this?

No, Orbbec is not responding.

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I am really new with Orbbec Astra.
Can any one help me regarding the point cloud generation and mesh creation using Astra s.
I did not found any proper documents / tutorial to learn about the features.
Thanks in advance.

Hey, I’m having problems as well with the generation of a point cloud from my astra mini s.
Have you found a better tutorial or mind sharing your code?