Difference between Astra S and Astra models

We received a Astra S camera today to compare with our existing Astra and Astra Pro - but I must say im somewhat confused - I’m not seeing any noticeable difference between the Astra and the Astra S models in terms of depth scanning.

Using the SimpleHandViewer-SFML.exe from the new 2.0.8 beta there seems to be little difference in the near range of the sensor or in its accuracy.

Testing the Astra shows the hand tracking to no closer than around 445 z.
Testing the Astra S shows the hard tracking to no closer than around 445 z.

Using MultiSensorViewer-SFML.exe running the cameras side by side again shows there are all but identical in depth range - at least on the two devices I have received. Also as a side note the quality of the depth data seems to be very poor with two sensors running.

I was of the belief that the “Astra S” model was able to scan up to 20cm closer than the “Astra” - this does not seem to be the case.

Is there some sort of setting that needs to be made in the new 2.0.8 system to force the Astra S to perform as specified 40cm to 200cm.

I am also not seeing any noticeable falloff beyond 2 meters either - basically the two camera models pretty much look identical to me - apart from showing as a different device in the windows device manager - with both tracking a full body out near 400cm without any noticable diferences - and a hand out well past 2000z depth.


I believe, although not 100% sure, that in terms of hardware they are the same.
The only difference is the intensity of the projection of the infrared grid, which is controlled by the firmware.