Difficulties to include files - Hello World tutorial

Hi !
I followed the Hello World tutorial but I face some difficulties to start my own programm with SDK Astra on Windows with Visual Studio 2015:
I included astra\astra.hpp but it doesn’t work and i have errors about some unfound header files.
Which files do I have to copy/past in my project? Do I have to define a PATH in the project? Add .lib .dll ?

Hope someone could help me,

It is bit too late after you posted your question but I saw it only now. You need to add the include path to the project settings. Go to Project->Properties->Configuration Properties->VC++ Directories. Here you need to select Include Directories and enter path to the Include folder in the Astra SDK. For example, I have entered this path: F:\Cameras\3D Cameras\Pattern Projection Type\Orbbec\AstraSDK-v2.0.16-e6b4f7afb2-20190516T030922Z-vs2015-win32\include

Be sure to select the correct project configuration in the above dialog box (property pages).

Hope this helps you.