Do your products come with software

I’m awaiting the Persee and only bought it to help Orbbec get it out as an product. Will I as a novice be able to use the Persee straight out of the box. Microsoft has 3d builder for use with their kinect v2, is there ways(software) for the Persee to be used as a scanner.

Orbbec only provide SDK and driver. Unfortunately, there will be no 3D scanning software. If you need a 3D scanner, I would suggest you use Astra + Recfusion/ReconstructME. The scanning software is not developed by Orbbec but you can always download from their official websites.

Best wishes,

I believe in your Persee product. I hope my advance order helped get it to
market. At this time your web site does advertise " Persee can scan objects
for exceptional 3D prints". Will it be able to use Recfusion/ReconstructME
or do i need to purchase the astra to use as a scanner. If the Persee will
of no use to my limited ability I will consider donating it to local free
tech learning place called Do Space ( Although I
own a cheap 3d printer and a basic laser/turn table scanner, I still am
just a neanderthal in this stuff and would probably just need to much hand
holding to keep up with you bright gentlemen.