Documentation for Orbbec processing/development board

Hey guys! I received 2 of the processing/development boards today, and I was wondering if there is any documentation available yet. Specifically, I am looking to find some info on the following:

1.) What’s the default password for the account the board boots into?
2.) What are the pinouts for the on-board GPIO/I2C connectors?
3.) Are pins for SPI broken out to any of the connectors?
4.) What voltage does the IO operate at?

Looking forward to getting started!


Hi, Mark,
We are preparing these documents and will release them this week or next week. I will check if all information you asked are included in them.

For the meanwhile, the password is " ", a single space.

Hi David!

Thanks for the info on the admin password!

Has there been any progress on other documentation? The I/O voltage I can infer from testing, but there’s only so much I can figure out about the pin-outs without tracing them to the processor. Any info you have would be helpful!

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Hi, Mark,

Please try this one:

There is not a diagram showing how to connect the GPIO and the JTAG. Can you post a diagram of the physical layout?

Hi, We take some time to understand the diagram and the correspondence between it and the card. Can you put a picture of the board with the gpios and the constants required to use them in C? If you can put a full sample using the GPIOS It could be great!!


We just uploaded the block diagram of the board. Hopefully, this will help better.

How do we get the GPIO pin number (to use with gpio.h) for each pin ?
We found the pins in the diagram (page 8) but I don’t know how to use the informations in the diagram (i.e. J22 ISP_SHUTTEREN/SPI1_CLK/GPIO7_B4_d for the second pin on CN11) with gpio.h.

We are working on a more clear version to show the pin numbers. Will release it shortly.