Does Astra work with Windows Store (UWP) app?

I’m new to Orbbec sensor and Astra. And I’m trying to create a test app to learn it.

I noticed that all the Astra samples are Win32 console apps. But I want to create a C++ Windows Store App (UWP) with Astra. Basically, I want to create an image/video window in my app and use it as the render window for Astra. But when I tried it with only one call to Astra API, i.e. “astra::initialize()”, it crashed with the error message: “Unable to activate Windows Store app. The test.exe process started, but the activation request failed with error ‘The app didn’t start’”.

So, does Astra work with UWP apps? UWP has been around for quite a while. I’d be surprised that Astra doesn’t work with it. I must have done something wrong. Anybody has an idea on this?


I’ve be surprised if Orbbec supports UWP, even RealSense, which originally had UWP support for it in its privative drivers had support for it, now they’ve dropped support in their open source SDK

What’s a shame is that microsoft took the effort to roll an API designed for depth cameras, so you could use multiple cameras and query for capabilities and streams, it even supports skeleton streams (given the camera provides it), but in the end, only the KinectV2 ended using that API.