Doesn't appear Orbbec Persee+ in device manager

I would like to ask you about installing Ubuntu.
I am trying to install Ubuntu in Orbbec Persee+ on my Windows 10 computer by referring to the attached file “Persee Update ROM Guide.docx” found at “Universal Download Thread for Persee”. I am trying to connect Persee+ and install it.
I was able to get it to display “Install Driver OK” in the first part of the document, but the part right after that, “Display in device manager when connected to PC”, does not work.
By the way, RockchipDriverAssistant_v4.3 was in the dropbox, but when I looked at the contents, “Driverx64” did not seem to have “win10” in it, so I thought the windows 10 install was skipped, so I tried to install the new version referring to the rockchip driver archive found at “Download Rockchip Driver Assistant (all versions) - Best RockChip Driver”. Then, I found that windows security message and I installed it, but it was not working.
I would like to know the procedure to install Ubuntu on Orbbec Persee+.