Driver install fails on Windows 8.1

Worked fine on Win7. This is x64 Win8.1 Enterprise, the current version of the Windows Astra driver and OpenNI2 package (descriptively named “”) which contains SensorDriver_V4.3.0.4.exe.

Is there a log file somewhere with more info? Any ideas on what to try?


Hi NoirFlux,

Please try this manual driver installation package from the link below.

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Dear developers,

Is there any chance that you’ll provide signed version of orbbec-sensor-driver for Windows in the nearest future? It is mostly unacceptable for our users to install unsigned drivers on their PCs…

As I can see, you signed obdrv4.sys file with your code signing certificate, but didn’t sign

Also, it would be great to sign SensorDriver_V4.3.0.4.exe installation program. Right now in UAC request dialog we see “Unknown publisher”, which is not good. As soon as you sign installation executable, we’ll see orbbec Co., Ltd.

Thank you for listening.

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Hi andrew,

Thanks for your suggestion. We will evaluate and take this into consideration for our future releases.

These drivers fixed work for me on Windows 8.1 :+1: