Error running SDK sample on Windows10

I have installed the ‘Orbbec Camera Driver for Windows’ (driver and am running the ‘Orbbec SDK for Python Windows’ in pycharm on a Windows 10 laptop.

Running the sample code with the sensor plugged in… returns “Device not found!”.

There is also the following output:

249007 5976 MfPal.cpp:154] Found a usb port without interface url! drop it!(device url=\?\USB#VID_2BC5&PID_0401#5&2E926D67&0&4#{A5DCBF10-6530-11D2-901F-00C04FB951ED}, interface index=0)

Thanks for any help on this.

I have run into exactly the same problem! Because of this bug, none of the Orbbec SDK examples work. However, the OpenNI-based sample programs work! Could it be a problem on the Orbbec driver/SDK side?

We are using Windows IoT 2021 Enterprise with AMD AM520 based motherboard, AMD Ryzen 5 processor and AMD Radeon GPU. Surprisingly, we don’t encounter this error when we use exactly the same setup but with the Intel-based motherboard. We have read tons of information about USB-related problems with the AMD AM-chipset motherboard, but in the end, we are not sure what is the main problem here → Orbbec or the USB on the AMD motherboard. As I said, the sensors do work with OpenNI (although they initialize very slowly).

Same problem. Using python 3.11 64bit. Pyorbbec SDK build using Visual Studio according to user instructions.


(venv) λ python
Hello Orbbec!
SDK version: 1.9.5
SDK stage version: main
[04/04 16:24:25.580426][info][6096][Context.cpp:69] Context created with config: D:\Downloads\pyorbbecsdk\config\OrbbecSDKConfig_v1.0.xml
[04/04 16:24:25.581933][info][6096][Context.cpp:74] Context work_dir=D:\Downloads\pyorbbecsdk\examples
[04/04 16:24:25.583594][info][6096][Context.cpp:77]     - SDK version: 1.9.5
[04/04 16:24:25.584493][info][6096][Context.cpp:78]     - SDK stage version: main
[04/04 16:24:25.584952][info][6096][Context.cpp:82] get config EnumerateNetDevice:false
[04/04 16:24:25.585777][info][6096][MfPal.cpp:102] createObPal: create WinPal!
[04/04 16:24:27.819902][warning][6096][MfPal.cpp:212] Found a usb port without interface url! drop it!(device url=\\?\USB#VID_2BC5&PID_060F#6&4B5C8F9&0&1#{A5DCBF10-6530-11D2-901F-00C04FB951ED} interface index=0)
[04/04 16:24:27.824265][info][6096][DeviceManager.cpp:15] Current found device(s): (0)
No device connected
[04/04 16:24:27.831338][info][6096][Context.cpp:90] Context destroyed

Please make sure the camera you are testing is within the Orbbec SDK support list or you can try to see if it can be opened through OrbbecViewer.

Thank you for the hint. You are right, I have Astra Pro Plus which is not supported by Orbbec SDK.