Error running SDK sample on Windows10

I have installed the ‘Orbbec Camera Driver for Windows’ (driver and am running the ‘Orbbec SDK for Python Windows’ in pycharm on a Windows 10 laptop.

Running the sample code with the sensor plugged in… returns “Device not found!”.

There is also the following output:

249007 5976 MfPal.cpp:154] Found a usb port without interface url! drop it!(device url=\?\USB#VID_2BC5&PID_0401#5&2E926D67&0&4#{A5DCBF10-6530-11D2-901F-00C04FB951ED}, interface index=0)

Thanks for any help on this.

I have run into exactly the same problem! Because of this bug, none of the Orbbec SDK examples work. However, the OpenNI-based sample programs work! Could it be a problem on the Orbbec driver/SDK side?

We are using Windows IoT 2021 Enterprise with AMD AM520 based motherboard, AMD Ryzen 5 processor and AMD Radeon GPU. Surprisingly, we don’t encounter this error when we use exactly the same setup but with the Intel-based motherboard. We have read tons of information about USB-related problems with the AMD AM-chipset motherboard, but in the end, we are not sure what is the main problem here → Orbbec or the USB on the AMD motherboard. As I said, the sensors do work with OpenNI (although they initialize very slowly).