Error running Nuitrack examples

Having trouble running Nuitracks c++ and c# examples on Ubuntu 16.04.

After compiling with cmake I run

sudo ./nuitrack_console_sample /usr/etc/nuitrack/data/nuitrack.config

which prints

WARNING: Can not load library module: ../middleware/
ERROR: Empty factory for DepthProvider

Some additional details: /usr/etc/nuitrack/middleware/ exists and in nuitrack.config DynamicModules.Path is "../middleware/".

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Update from Nuitrack Support:

  1. Try running demos like “./nuitrack_console_sample” WITHOUT the nuitrack.config argument. There is no need to set path to nuitrack.config file if Nuitrack is installed to your system.

  2. Many error messages can be ignored. For example:
    AstraProPerseeDepthProvider can’t create RGB stream (can’t open video capture)
    Freenect not find devices
    Can’t create DepthProvider: KinectDepthProvider
    Can’t find video camera!
    Can’t find depth camera!

It seems the demos currently search for several types of cameras and show errors for each one it doesn’t find. For example, I’m using an Astra Mini, but the above errors are apparently for other cameras.

Hope this helps anyone coming up against the same issue.

Hi Jeff! Which processor you are use?

Haven’t try nuitrack yet. But there was a tutorial on codeproject recently: Body Tracking using Orbbec Astra + Nuitrack (Kinect Alternative) - CodeProject.

It is for Windows only, but perhaps it may help…

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If you run the Nuitrack examples with an explicit path to the nuitrack.config file - you may need to also edit the paths inside the .config as well - in our early testing we found that the base .config file only works correctly when using the default path settings from the system.

In this case you would need to edit the path in the .config to the modules location to be an explicit path not a …/… type path.