Error when creating simple application

Hello, im trying to follow “Astra SDK User Guide” to get started.
Im using VS 2015 and after following all the “installation” points I tried to run the first example but I got an error.
This is the first time im trying to use an SDK so I might have missed something.
This is all I did: - installed the Orbbec Sensor Driver for Windows
- Downladed OpenNI, ran the OBNiViewer application and it works fine, ran
the ‘setlib_environ’ file
- Downloaded the SDK for VS 2015, created a new C++ console application in VS
2015, added the paths in “Additional Include Directories”, “Additional Library
Directories” and typed the necessary “Additional Dependencies” in Linker

When trying to run the code I get an error saying that astra_core.dll was not found.

I also tried on another PC with VS 2013 and when building the code I get LNK1104: cannot open ‘astra.core.api.lib’ error

Thanks for the help.

Hello there magikarp.
So the error message tells us what the issue is.
Its a DLL issue. It can not be found. But you did link all the stuff the guide said.
What I had to do which i think will fix your issue is look for those .dll files in the astra sdk folder and make a copy of them into your main Visual Studio project folder. This folder is where the file AstraTutorial1.cpp is located. I believe this will get the tutorial running.

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+1 Here, getting the same issue. I’m in VS2019, but everything seems to be setup just fine. I’m typically a macOS and nodeJS dev, so I feel like its probably me overlooking something with the dependency setup, but it keeps throwing the ‘astra_core.dll’ was not found error.

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Thank you, that worked for me @emaccheese

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