Error when importing Astra SDK to Android project

Hi, I’m trying to import the Astra SDK from the aar (astra-android-release-v2.0.8-beta2-c1b800ad80.aar) into an empty Android project.

I’ve tried to import it using the Open Module Settings, but I’m getting this error :
Here’s a video illustrating the error :

I tried to use a manual import (placing the aar in a libs folder), but it didn’t work neither, I was getting the Gradle error Could not resolve :astra.


I also tried removing the plugin Android Support but I’m getting a Cannot Import error.

Has anyone managed to use the Android Astra SDK ? How did you do it ?

I’m on
macOS High Serria (10.13.3)
Android Studio 3.0.1
Orbbec Persee