Error while flash Ubuntu on Persee


I used this link to download Ubuntu image for Persee (built-in with Android). But after following the instructions, I always stuck at this error: “Download Firmware Fail”

. Please help.


Hi Thang,

Have you already solve the problem? I’ve just completed flashing Ubuntu on my Persee.

Best regards,
Tuan Huynh

I’ve the same issue. Could please someone explain better how to flash the ubuntu 16.04 img on a brand new Persee?
On the persee I’ve installed an Android version but I want to install linux on it. Any suggestion?

I solved the issue, I just needed to follow completly the guid and boot the Persee on the bootloader mode. Than the flashing was done correctly via Android Tools. The only tricky part was that after the installation I had to wait a lot before vieweing something on the monitor. I plugged, unplagged all cables many time, then pressed also reset button 2 times…and then I saw a linux shell (a bit scary but now it works)