Error with mirrored mode at 1028x1024 pixels, Openni, Orbbec Astra S


I’m using OpenNI2, Java and a Orbbec Astra S to generate pointclouds. Mirroring the videostream via


basically works. At a resolution of 1028x1024 pixels the image is cut in half. The left half is then moved to the right, the left half is moved to the left. See this picture for further details.

This only happens at this high resolution. The error also shows at the simpleviewer.jar example. Any ideas how to fix this?

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Code sniplets:

public class astraReader {

	private static VideoStream VideoStream;
	private static String astraUri;
	private static float nullValue = 0.00001f;
	static VideoFrameRef LastFrame;

	public astraReader(){
		List<DeviceInfo> devicesInfo = OpenNI.enumerateDevices();
		astraUri = devicesInfo.get(0).getUri();
		Device device =;
		VideoStream = org.openni.VideoStream.create(device, SensorType.DEPTH);
		VideoMode mode = new VideoMode(640, 480, 30, PixelFormat.DEPTH_1_MM.toNative());

	public pointcloud readCloud(){
		LastFrame = VideoStream.readFrame();
		ShortBuffer pixels = LastFrame.getData().asShortBuffer();
		pointcloud cloud = new pointcloud();	
		Point3D<Float> p;
		for (int y = 0; y < LastFrame.getHeight(); y++)
			for (int x = 0; x < LastFrame.getWidth(); x++)
				p = CoordinateConverter.convertDepthToWorld(VideoStream, x, y, pixels.get(y * LastFrame.getWidth() + x));
				if( Math.abs(p.getX()) > nullValue && Math.abs(p.getY()) > nullValue && Math.abs(p.getZ()) > nullValue ){

		return cloud;

As I’m only allowed to post one picture, here you can see my test setup. Also notice the red X-Mas ornament, which indicates the location of the bottom left half-sphere.