Exception thrown in sample projects


I recently adquired an orbbec astra camera and I am not able to run sample projects. The solution builds without erros, but a runtime exception is thrown. Debug ouptut shows the following:

‘ColorizedBodyViewer-SFML.exe’ (Win32): Loaded ‘C:\Windows\System32\profapi.dll’. Cannot find or open the PDB file.

Exception thrown at 0x00007FFA5BE23FB8 in ColorizedBodyViewer-SFML.exe: Microsoft C++ exception: std::ios_base::failure at memory location 0x0000004523AFDE80.

‘ColorizedBodyViewer-SFML.exe’ (Win32): Loaded ‘C:\Users\jm_fbit\Downloads\AstraSDK-v2.0.8-beta2-c1b800ad80-20180201T103942Z-vs2015-win64\samples\vs2015\bin\Debug\Plugins\orbbec_hand.dll’. Module was built without symbols.

What version of windows are you trying to run the samples on ?


I tried on both Windows 8 and 10.

I also tried to follow the HelloWorld tutorial and it seems to stuck at get_latest_frame instruction. Next instruction is never reached. However, I don’t see any error in output messages. I do not see the IR emitter switched on at any moment. I don’t know if that could cast some light on what’s causing this problem.

Thank you