Femto Bolt doesn't keep exactly 30.0 FPS

I tried 3 different Femto Bolt and they have different FPS. We’re using the last firmware available: 1.0.9.

  1. FPS_CAM1: 30.14
  2. FPS_CAM2: 30.028
  3. FPS_CAM3: 30.063

We have measured these values via ‘Orbbec Viewer’ software looking at FrameIndex and Device Timestamp in two different moment T1 and T2:
T1: after 30 seconds the channels Color and Depth have been opened.
T2: after 240 seconds the channels Color and Depth have been opened.
FPS = (FrameIndex@T2 - FrameIndex@T1) / (DeviceTS@T2 - DeviceTS@T1)

I also compared the values of DeviceTimestamp with different stopwatches and it is quite precise, the problem is that I receive a different amount of frames than expected.

We want to replace Microsoft K4Azure with Femto Bolt in all our manufacturing lines but we can’t if the camera doesn’t have a precise FPS of 30.00, because we synchronize it with other sensors and after 1 minute it goes out of sync.

Is there a way to get a precise FPS, at least between 29.999 and 30.001?


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thank for your message,
we will look into this issue and reproduce it