Femto Bolt not found


We’ve just received the new Femto Bolt camera.

We wanted to test it on the samples provided by Orbbec in OrbbecSDK_1.0.10_Release_Kinect and OrbbecViewer_1.7.5_Windows, but the camera could not be found for all the samples.

Do you have an explanation?

Thank you in advance,


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It worked for me without any pb… Is the camera recognized in the Orbbec viewer ?

No, the camera Femto Bolt is not recognized in orbbec viewer provide in the OrbbecViewer_1.7.5_Windows.

We also have an Orbbec Femto mega, which works with the various samples.

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OK sorry mine are femto Mega. I have no bolt for the moment.

I have the same problem with this SDK version (1.7.5)

It looks like the SDK is at 1.8 on their Github.

If that doesn’t work I’d open an issue there, they seem to be more responsive than on this forum.

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It works! The SDK is able to detect the Femto Bolt as expected.
Thank you

Good news !
Could orbbec’s technical team tell us if an update of the kinect azure wrapper is planned for the femto bolt in the near future?

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Azure kinect wrapper SDK has been updated and now is available at Orbbec SDK - ORBBEC - 3D Vision for a 3D World.