Femto Bolt Serial number set to zero after Firmware update

I have updated one of our Femto Bolts to Firmware 1.1.1, now the serial number is just CL0000000000. Software can read the correct serial number after connecting.


In k4aviewer it just stays at 0000

I tried rebooting and reconnecting, and downgrading firmware back to 1.0.9. Now i’m reluctant to update the other cameras because we need to distinguish the devices by serial# in our software.

Is this a known problem? Is there a way to restore the serial# to be correct before “connecting”?

This is the first time we’ve heard this problem.
What version of OrbbecViewer did you use for upgrading? Win or Linux?
Did you follow the instructions?

Hi. I used the latest viewer (OrbbecViewer_v1.10.2_20240429) on windows 11, and yes I followed the instructions. Firmware update completed but serial is now 0 until initialized.

Did you power off and replug the Femto Bolt after flashing the firmware?

After power cycling, the Serial number now shows consistently. Thanks for the hint.
You might want to add that step to the instructions.

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