Femto mega and Body Tracking

I would like to do Body Tracking using a Femto Mega connected to a PoE system, is Orbbec Body Tracking supported?

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Hi, I have same issue
I buy the license for skeleton tracking but it not support femto.
Are you solve the issue?

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I have the same problem, but with Femto Bolts.
I would be happy to pay for the Orbbec Body Tracking SDK license if it would support the Femto Bolt cameras I have.

I haven’t tested this myself, but if you’re using the Femto then you may be able to use the body tracking that was made for the Azure Kinect - as the Femto inherits directly from the Azure Kinect. The git repo for it is at GitHub - orbbec/OrbbecSDK-K4A-Wrapper: This repo is forked from Azure-kinect-Sensor-SDK,contain the K4A wrapper for OrbbecSDK (the branch with the prefix "ob/")

It looks like the Orbbec wrapper might not explicitly include the Azure Kinect body tracking, but the Azure Kinect body tracking was a separate library and feature anyway; so you may be able to use the Orbbec wrapper to get the sensor data, and feed it into the Azure Kinect body tracking. There is the benefit that the Azure Kinect body tracking is free and doesn’t require a license.

Also, that Azure Kinect body tracking ORIGINALLY required a Nvidia GPU, as it utilized the CUDA cores. However, Microsoft later updated it so it can also run on CPUs - but it runs at a very low frame rate on CPUs; really that’s usable more for basic validation of your code than for any real-time application.

Hopefully this extra info is helpful to you.

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