Femto Mega Firmware Download or Location?

Where do I download firmware updates for the Femto Mega from?

Can someone please provide unambiguous instructions on where to download or locate firmware?

Thank you.

Do you need to upgrade FW for Mega? What happened

I’m on SDK 1.8.1 and Firmware 1.1.5, as shipped. I’ve just received a 2nd camera and a sync box, and according to the Product Support section of the OrbbecSDK GitHub (GitHub - orbbec/OrbbecSDK: Orbbec SDK C/C++ base core lib) I should be on 1.1.7.

So, I need to update. I don’t understand why this is so obtuse. Can someone please point me to the location where I can acquire the 1.1.7 .bin file? Do I download it from somewhere, is it somewhere in GitHub that I’m not seeing?

I don’t understand why this is either so difficult or unintuitive.

(.venv) PS C:\...\pyorbbecsdk\examples> python.exe .\hello_orbbec.py
Hello Orbbec!
SDK version: 1.8.1
SDK stage version: main
[12/11 15:53:02.984000][info][1392][Context.cpp:67] Context created with config: C:\...\pyorbbecsdk\config\OrbbecSDKConfig_v1.0.xml
[12/11 15:53:02.984090][info][1392][Context.cpp:72] Context work_dir=C:\...\developer\pyorbbecsdk\examples
[12/11 15:53:03.036703][info][1392][DeviceManager.cpp:15] Current found device(s): (1)
[12/11 15:53:03.036747][info][1392][DeviceManager.cpp:24]       - Name: Femto Mega, PID: 0x0669, SN/ID: CL2AA31004B, Connection: USB3.2
[12/11 15:53:03.201715][info][1392][FemtoMegaUvcDevice.cpp:49] FemtoMega UVC device created! PID: 0x0669, SN: CL2AA31004B
[12/11 15:53:03.201789][info][1392][DeviceManager.cpp:154] Device created successfully! Name: Femto Mega, PID: 0x0669, SN/ID: CL2AA31004B
Device info: DeviceInfo(name=Femto Mega
, pid=1641
, vid=11205, uid=34d8ab1c
, serial_number=CL2AA31004B
, firmware_version=1.1.5
, connection_type=USB3.2
, hardware_version=0.0.1
, supported_min_sdk_version=1.1.5
, device_type=2)
Sensor list:
[12/11 15:53:03.202587][info][1392][FemtoMegaUvcDevice.cpp:53] FemtoMega UVC device destroyed! PID: 0x0669, SN: CL2AA31004B
[12/11 15:53:03.419838][info][1392][Context.cpp:83] Context destroyed

I think you could contact info@orbbec3d.com to acquire.

Release Release Femto Mega Firmware · orbbec/OrbbecFirmware (github.com)