Femto Mega Intrinsic Parameters

I am using pyorbbecsdk to interface femto mega. I need intrinsic parameters of femto mega to make 2d to 3d transformations of single points.
I am using the following command to check for intrinsic parameters:
But it’s showing zero value for each parameter.
Is there any way by which I can get the exact values of these parameters or I can perform 2d to 3d transformations of single points using pyorbbecsdk?
Thank you.

Please make sure you set up and open both color and depth streams since they are working as a pair.
Then you should be able to check the intrinsic parameters through the following commands.
camera_param = pipeline.get_camera_param()

OrbbecSDK provides methods to get the pointcloud points. You can refer to examples/save_pointcloud_to_disk.py or save_pointcloud_to_disk2.py