Femto Mega Network

Hi, we are trying to set the IP address of the Femto Mega via the Viewer and USB cable. However this doesn’t work. Any other way of doing this?

Check if you have older firmware on your device. I can’t open via netDevice and IP, because i have an old 1.1.5 firmware.

Thanks, how do we get hold of fw 1.1.7? We only have fw 1.1.5.

I hope they will start releasing firmware together with SDK releases soon. Until then only the older SDK 1.5.x supports fw 1.1.5, but this SDK of cause doesn’t have the newer features of SDK 1.6.x and 1.7.x. With SDK 1.5.x I can connect with netDevice. But 1.7.x has features I need for my application.

Also in the same boat with 1.1.5 firmware.
I can’t set the IP address via the Orbbec Viewer for either 1.6 or 1.7 SDK.

Where is the 1.1.7 firmware for Femto Mega?
Is there an @admins or someone on this forum from the company?

Update: I was able to get our Femto Mega with 1.1.5 firmware working over our network.

I grabbed the Orbbec Viewer from here:

And set the IP via the Orbbec Viewer ( Device Control → IP ) to one I knew our router could allocate and was free. ( setting DHCP via the newer 1.7.4 Orbbec Viewer did not work ).

I then power cycled the camera and only connected the network cable and it finally showed up.

So in theory the NetDevice example should work too now.

Thanks, will try this tomorrow.

Just to update got NetDevice.cpp example working but as mentioned above it didn’t work with the 1.7 SDK.

I had to download / clone the 1.6.x SDK branch of this repo: GitHub - orbbec/OrbbecSDK: OrbbecSDK C/C++ base core lib

Then follow the instructions to build NetDevice, but it did then work!