Femto Mega Unity Body Tracking demo

I’ve tested the Femto Mega with the OrbbecViewer in Windows 11 and everything works fine.

But I’m now trying the Unity Body Tracking sample at: https://github.com/orbbec/Azure-Kinect-Samples/tree/master/body-tracking-samples/sample_unity_bodytracking

I’ve updated the Femto Mega firmware to 1.2.8 and run Unity and Visual Studio in Windows 11 Pro. I’ve followed the instructions, but after many tries it’s still not working and ends with a K4A_RESULT_FAILED error. I’m not sure how to copy/paste a screenshot here, so here’s a link: https://www.cnx-software.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/01/Unity-Error-Femto-Mega.png

The skeleton tracker use gpu processing mode by default, you can change to cpu mode and try to run, if it works (but slow performance), than you need to follow the fourth step in readme doc to make other mode work.

Thanks. I’ve changed the code to:

ProcessingMode = TrackerProcessingMode.Cpu

Double-checked all files again, and also copied msvcp140.dll to C:\Azure-Kinect-Samples-master\body-tracking-samples\sample_unity_bodytracking, but the result is the same.

Is there a better method to find out which files are missing?

By the way, I don’t get the message "“Open K4A device successful”, which should mean the issue comes before that?

Please make sure your project folder contains the Lib subfolder. If it does not exist, you may not download it from Orbbec’s github.

Yes, it looks like it was the issue. Rendering must be set to CPU (GPU not working right now) and the Libs folder was not there.

The configuration of GPU, Cuda or TensorRT mode will be a little more complicated. Please refer to our and nvidia documentation for details.